Very Helpful & Uncomplicated

Finally a professional that makes game improvement easy to understand.  I have changed how I putt and how I practice putting with noticeable improvement.  Skills learned and applied to the short game have lowered scores and made on course recovery easier.  Both my driving and mid iron shots are now considerably more consistent with a few changes and minimal swing thoughts, which in my opinion is uncomplicated and very helpful.  My USGA Index dropped from around 15 to now a 9.  I highly recommend Don as a teacher!

D. Douglas

Made Golf Fun Again

I took a series of golf lessons with Don Person at Torreon Golf Club this summer, and liked his golf instruction so much, I hope to continue my lessons with him next summer.  I took up golf late in life, and feel lucky if I score in the 90’s.  I’ve always been reluctant to take golf lessons because, frankly, I was embarrassed believing that a golf instructor would find it tedious to teach me compared to teaching a more skilled golfer.  In addition, I’ve had back fusion surgery so there are some physical limitations to my swing and my stamina.

Don is a very insightful and thoughtful golf instructor.  He took the time to understand my goals, my insecurities, and my physical limitations. He is patient and employs a variety of visual, auditory, and hands on techniques in his instruction which is so important to learning.  Before my instruction with Don, I had a very outside swing that was way too long causing the dreaded reverse weight shift.  I wasn’t making solid contact with the ball, and I was pretty frustrated. Now, because of Don, my swing is more inside, and on plane. I am making solid contact with the ball which gives me more confidence.  Don doesn’t over load you with a myriad of suggestions during a lesson. He focuses on one or two swing thoughts, explains the kinesiology (because golf is a game of motion), and gives you visual feedback to reinforce the lesson.  And in every lesson, he took into account my physical limitations and my comfort.  I feel fortunate to have taken lessons with Don this summer.  He has made the game of golf fun again.

Thank you Don!

C. Williams

Reached Desired Goals

Over the course of several years, I have taken a series of golf lessons from Don Person.

I have played golf for many years and decided I wanted to improve my game. As a high handicapper enjoying the game and having fun is very important. I was introduced to Don by one of my golf partners. I met with Don and we discussed his teaching philosophy and process. Following our meeting I scheduled a series of lessons and off we went. We spent time reviewing my grip, stance, posture, and equipment. The next stage of the lesson starts with a discussion of what you want to accomplish and setting a plan to accomplish that goal. This is followed by a video and analysis of your swing. This video stage has proven to be extremely important going forward. As you progress toward the desired goal you are able to look at the video and see the areas of improvement and future needs.  As we progress through the process we review the previous lesson and set the goal for that days lesson.  Every lesson is very focused on your individual needs and goals. You are never inundated with too many things to deal with. Each and every lesson is a smooth flowing part of the entire golf instruction process.  Upon completion of my first series of lessons I wanted additional instruction in specific areas.  We worked on putting, chipping and sand play.

The final stage is putting it all together with Don’s instruction on the course. We would drive out to a couple of holes and work on the specific shots that I was concerned with. This type of lesson, coupled with Dons excellent communication techniques, makes for a very enjoyable lesson. I must say, even while riding in the kart no time is lost, Don is discussing things like course management, hole surrounding’s , wind direction, and general golf topics.  Don’s instruction technique and process has helped me reach my desired goals. It was and continues to be very enjoyable working Don. 

Whether you want one specific lesson or a series of lessons, high or low handicapper, I would highly recommend Don to anyone looking for an excellent golf instructor and a fun person to be around.

B. Wuestenhoefer

Fantastic Golf Instructor

Don is a fantastic golf instructor. He provides great information on fundamentals and, more importantly, is able to quickly see and explain weaknesses in your game and the drills that will fix them. I have taken several lessons from Don. I started as an 11 handicap and am currently a 4. 

G. Aldridge

Most Productive Lesson I Have Taken

My wife Cathy and I took a series of lessons from Don Person at Torreon Golf Club in the White Mountains of Arizona. I am pleased to review my experience with Don.  I have played golf for many years and have had the opportunity of working with several of the Golf Digest Top 10 teachers in the country. I can honestly say that my experience with Don was the most enjoyable and productive of all the lessons that I have taken. As I have gotten older, my drives are shorter and my handicap is higher. I played to a low single digit handicap for many years and currently have a 9.6 index.  I really liked Don’s approach to teaching.  At the first lesson, we sat down and reviewed what I wanted to achieve in the lessons. Don explained his philosophy of teaching and started with a review of the “basics” such as posture, grip, stance, etc. Don then did a short video of my swing, and we reviewed the good things in my swing, as well as the problem areas that needed some work. Finally, we agreed on a series of lessons with specific goals in mind. At the start of each lesson, Don would briefly review where we were in the plan and ask what I wanted to work on that day. He would also suggest a lesson plan that he thought would be useful.  At the end of each lesson, we reviewed what progress had been made and areas that still needed attention. In my case, my swing had gotten too inside on the takeaway, and we worked on getting my back swing longer and more upright.  One of the things I really liked about Don’s approach to teaching was not to bombard the student with multiple points. I have been to big name teachers who had new swing thoughts to consider every few minutes. Don always focused on one or two major swing points. He is excellent at making points visually, verbally, and hands on positioning at different points of the swing. Another aspect of the lessons that I found really enjoyable was Don’s preference of working on the golf course during the lesson. We would drive out to a hole which presented shots that were difficult for me, such as over a water hazard, tight out of bounds on one side, tough greens to putt, difficult sand and shots from the rough, etc. At the end of the summer, both my wife and I felt we had benefited greatly from Don’s instruction. Finally, Don is really a very nice person. He is fun to be around, which helps enormously in a teacher. I give him my highest recommendation as a golf instructor.

R. Williams, MD

Highly Recommend Don Person

When it comes to golf coaches, there are loads of instructors that talk a good game, but Don Person helps you make it happen.   He has coached me over the last six years and given me the confidence in my game to get great results by delivering concise chunks of information in a way that was easy to absorb and apply Don has helped to make a significant distance difference in my level of play on the golf course.  I have watched my game improve and my handicap decrease.   I have seen my handicap go from 33 to 15 which is pretty remarkable because I only began working on my golf game seriously at the same time I started taking lessons from Don.  I highly recommend Don Person as the one to call if you want to get serious about your golf game.  I am now working to get down to a single digit handicap.  I am confident that I will see that by the end of the year.

D. Herburger

Turned The Complex Into Simple

Don, I wanted to reach out directly to you and thank you for the quality of instruction and advice (and patience) you gave Spencer and I last week.  You turned the complex into simple, and further gave the roadmap to practice for sustainable results.   Certainly it clicked for me.   Spencer’s game is transformed as he gets the proper distance out of each club now.   I’m leaving my aggression for the competition now, and concentrating hard to keep the swing effortless.  We have played a couple rounds so far this week, and I have not used the driver yet.  I’m using my 3-wood off the tee and achieving very good results with gravity and centrifugal force, and really the same for each club in the bag.  I have my pitching distances memorized for the 4 clubs and 3 swing angles, and this has worked very well for me so far.   The new putting stroke hasn’t clicked yet, and I left things too short all day yesterday, but found some 

improvements today.  Will keep working on it.Thanks again for your time last week,  Beyond the great instruction, I really enjoyed our discussions.   Certainly let me know if you ever make it to China or Asia one Day.

J. Tracy